My Story

Every kid growing up in America has a dream. Many of us aspire to be astronauts, physicians, professional athletes, a famous recording artist or even the president. For most of us, these goals simply remain distant dreams. My childhood was no different. I think I had all of these dreams at one point or another. Given that, my overarching dream was to be successful. Sure, I know success is a relative term. However, my version of success includes never being satisfied with where I am. Drawing inspiration from the words of French philosopher, René Descartes: "Each problem I solve becomes a rule which serves afterwards to solve other problems." The same can be said of achievements. I use each achievement as a springboard to the next.  This has inspired me to try many different things in life, some turned out great, others not so much.  Every experience, however, is one from which we can learn, and I have tried my best to do just that in every situation.